About Me

Spring thaw in Clackamas foothills of Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon

I have been working in education for over twenty years. I have taught every age, from 2 1/2-year-old Montessori students to adult students in mountaineering and dog training classes, although I have spent most of my classroom time with teenagers. Since completing my Ph.D. in 2014, I have continued teaching and tutoring middle and high school students in writing, reading, and thinking skills, but I have also brought the depth and influence of my graduate studies into this mentoring work.

I believe in intellectual rigor with both critical and creative approaches. Reason and intuition are equally important. In addition, experiential education, whether participating in local field trips or international travel or staying in the classroom and creating a website, is vital to an engaged education. I have always worked to offer students opportunities to exercise all of these aspects of the mind, body, and spirit in my courses. 

 Trekking in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, 2014

Trekking in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, 2014

One of my personal interests is SoulCollage®, an image-based, active imagination art therapy technique rooted in the depth psychological tradition. Examples of my SoulCollage® art can be found on my personal website www.archetypalentries.com. I am a certified SoulCollage® facilitator.

I am also an avid hiker and backpacker—my husband and I have backpacked all over the Pacific Northwest and in many of the United States national parks. I have spent much time in the past climbing mountains or skijoring with my Samoyed (RIP). The raw power of nature infuses my soul, and when I do not make time to enjoy the outdoors, my soul begins to wither. In the same vein, I love to have an airplane ticket on deck; to have several upcoming trips in the works makes me happy and excited. I love adventures—outdoors, in other countries, in the classroom, and in my mind with ideas, images, and writing projects.