Copyediting includes the correction of spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation, and cross-references. It can also include clarity and continuity, fact checking, copyright and fair use, and standardization of formatting styles. Copyediting should be completed before the proofreading stage.


Proofreading is the final stage of editing. It is the process of ensuring that the final draft is formatted correctly and free of typographical errors and inconsistencies. It does not include spelling, punctuation, or more complex writing advice as defined in the copyediting description. Proofreaders check reference lists and in-text citations, table of contents, section headings, widows and orphans, and figure titles.


I offer academic support in all aspects of writing. I specialize in humanities content, although I am also competent in scientific writing. I support writers with their thesis and subtopic development, organization of ideas and argument construction, research skills, sentence fluency and word choices, development of personal voice, and mechanics. I provide encouragement and positive reinforcement as well!




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