Borges article

I am currently revising and condensing chapter 3 of my dissertation to submit it for publication as an article. Chapter 3 analyzes Jorge Luis Borges' role as a precursor to both postmodernism and the current information age. His treatment of the theme of infinity prefigures the current unconscious preoccupation with infinity that is inspired by the technological boom and the inexhaustible and ever-present Internet. 

Revision of dissertation

I am revising my recently completed doctoral dissertation for publication. In its current form, Prismatic Perception:  An Emerging Mythology of the Millennial Mind examines the shift from postmodernism into the new paradigm of the information or digital age. If one were to apply a prefix to this age, as the receding age of "posts" is wont to do (postmodern, poststructuralist, postcolonial, etc.), the prefix most fitting would be re-. While meta- is tempting, re- is better suited to this era. The inexhaustible Internet encourages recycling and reposting, as well as recombinant art, such as collages, mash-ups, and memes. The issues of copyright law and access to content are hot topics. Similarly, the definition of plagiarism is shifting, becoming more open as information and ideas are freely shared in more venues and capacities.