Rollo the Leonberger

Rollo is attentive and studious, just like me!


I have been an English teacher since 1995 and a private English tutor since 2007. I specialize in teaching grammar and punctuation, along with the broader concepts of writing. I strongly believe in the value of prewriting to develop ideas and gather evidence. If the writer produces enough prewriting for the project, executing the writing should be a breeze (or at least breezier)!

I completed my doctoral dissertation in Mythological Studies in 2014, and while in graduate school, I worked extensively on a student-run, peer-reviewed journal as a peer editor and editor-in-chief. I also wrote a 360-page book (my dissertation)!

I have been editing and proofreading text (my own and others) for many years; consequently, I have an eye for detail and correct format. I will ensure that your text is error-free and ready for publication.