I wish I could give more than 5 stars. I started tutoring with Laura Strudwick when I was going into high school and it completely changed my writing for the better. Now, I am in college and my writing is at the best it’s ever been. Last week I even got asked to submit one of my essays into an essay competition and I know for a fact that without Laura’s help I would never have been asked. Thanks again, Laura.
— Scott DiBenedetto
Best tutor I ever had. Before seeing her, my writing skills were deplorable— now I get As on all of my papers in college.
— Jack Morningstar
Laura’s an amazing tutor and I would give her 10 stars, if possible. She has a way of working with young people and giving them not only lifelong writing skills but also confidence with their writing to be successful in school and their adult life. My son began working with Laura in middle school and continued tutoring with her in high school. She was also very helpful with his college application essays.
— Leigh Thalhimer
Thank you so much, Laura! We are so grateful to you and the mentor that you have been to Jillian over the last three years. You have made a huge impact on her writing. You are The Best!!
— Laura Hunter
We highly recommend Laura and her writing services. She worked with our son on his college application essay and short answers. She was engaging, easy to work with, and positive. Our son enjoyed working with her and she helped keep the writing process fun and focused through their virtual appointments. Best of all, our son started his senior year with his application essay and short answers completed which made the year so much more enjoyable (and he will be attending his first-choice college!). We will definitely call Laura when it is our daughter’s turn to get ready for college essays.
— Jenn Horner
Laura has been instrumental to our son developing his writing skills during his high school years. With patience but firm encouragement, she has achieved that he became a better writer and actually enjoyed the process. She worked very well alongside the teachers of our school, making sure the topics covered made sense and added to the learning done in the classroom.
— Nicole Flinterman