Tutoring Services

I offer academic support in all aspects of writing. I specialize in humanities content, although I am also highly competent in scientific writing. I support writers with their thesis and subtopic development, organization of ideas and argument construction, research skills, sentence fluency and word choices, development of personal voice, and mechanics. I actually enjoying teaching grammar, so if you need instruction on parts of speech, usage, syntax, spelling patterns, or punctuation, I’d love to help. I also specialize in college application support. Above all, I provide encouragement and positive reinforcement to empower students.

My philosophy on college application support

It is my honor and privilege to support high school students with their college applications. I am highly skilled at helping students select and develop their personal and supplemental essay topics, organize and edit down their writing, and highlight the significance of their activities in the Activities List on the Common App. Together, we develop organizational strategies to track their decision-making process (due dates, pros and cons of each school, details about each school’s majors and programs, etc.). It is important to note that I am not a college counselor; I am a writing coach and mentor. I do not make suggestions for colleges that are the best fit.

I strongly believe that the application essays should be entirely in the student’s own voice. I use a light touch when editing, working towards succinct writing that meets the word count without damaging the student’s natural voice. Not only is this approach ethical, but it is also authentic to the student.

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Writing is a journey, challenging and rewarding.

Writing is a journey, challenging and rewarding.